Well Hi, I’m Faith 👋

You and I might be strangers, but in some ways, we’re also companions sharing a journey of aspirations, struggles, and triumphs. It’s my story, but perhaps, in the echoes, you’ll find some of your own too.

Now comes the awkward part…

To preface, think there is something so very awkward, curious, and bizarre about writing a biography page of yourself. 

It calls the question (and at times, existentialism) of examining yourself and who you are, or who you want your audience to know you as. 

Oh and before I continue – if you want to know about how I can help you, you’re on the wrong page. This is the TMI section. Go here instead.


I started my career in the startup scene, where wearing many hats wasn’t a choice; it was the game. From spearheading the growth of an e-commerce platform in southeast asia, growing its listings from 0 to over 100,000 products, processing thousands of orders daily, to helping shape and manage several digital platforms: from job listing sites to business directories and from property sites to e-learning platforms. With each venture, one thing resonated: I knew early on that the digital world was going to be my arena.

Then, a shift to the colossal world of corporate. I became a global digital marketing manager for a healthcare brand five years into my career. Suddenly, I was in the high-octane lane, steering a brand that spanned 170 countries. Big numbers, bigger challenges, and the largest canvas for learning.

But as every marketer knows, brands evolve, and I realized I’m no different.

In the midst of my corporate climb – an itch took me towards freelancing, an avenue where I could blend my expertise with experimentation. The idea of immersing myself in a medley of industries was intriguing. Every client, every project would be a new adventure, a new set of challenges.

But I still couldn’t shake off a lingering sense of restlessness. I felt a sense of being stuck in a loop, working 100 hours a week, my aspirations tethered by unseen strings. How I make a living is still tied to how many hours I can realistically give in exchange. In the privacy of my thoughts, I often questioned my choices. Was I merely thriving within the boundaries I had initially drawn for myself?

Now, looking ahead, I see it’s not just about momentum; it’s about direction. Time to pivot, evolve, and hit the next phase running.

I knew I wanted to work on something with returns that compound over time. Enter this blog. It’s not just pixels on your screen; it’s a mirror reflecting my journey, my hustle, every triumph and misstep. And as Miley rightly put it, “It’s the climb.”

This space? It’s me, mid-climb, reaching out a hand to you.

If someone asked me to describe my life right now, I’d say it’s a series of keystrokes, the hum of my computer working into the late hours, and a constant race against time to meet deadlines that I’ve set for myself. It can feel like juggling a million things simultaneously. You have to be on the ball – my day job, client work, marketing your services, keeping up with industry trends, improving your skills. There’s always a deadline looming, an email to answer, a call to make. It’s not for everyone, but there was a time when my passport saw more action than my keyboard.

Ah, the joy of backpacking, exploring new horizons and learning from each journey.

(you already know what’s coming 👀👇)

These days, while travel plans simmer on the back burner, I also have been diving deep into a different kind of exploration: ‘Project Me’.
I’m on this (obsessive) quest to optimize my health and well-being, from understanding sleep to experimenting with brain foods and soaking up every bit of knowledge from the podcasts I devour.

Every stumble, every win, has brought me here. So, welcome to my blog! 💻 It’s a work in progress, just like we all are

Here I am. No overthinking, no endless planning. Just a few weeks into learning about blogging, I’ve got my blog up and running, but I have a long way to go. I figured, why not use all the marketing stuff I know, my experiences with all kinds of SaaS tools, and my obsession with being productive? I can share what I’ve learned, make some recommendations, and earn a little on the side.

As we reach the end of my tale, I hope you see it as the beginning of our shared narrative. I want to hear your stories, your aspirations, and your struggles. This blog is an invitation to join me in the journey of pursuing our ‘more’, even when life demands a lot from us.

So if you’re reading this, I encourage you to look into finding the right solution for any roadblocks preventing you from progressing. 

If you’re a business, professional, or blogger looking for inbound growth and marketing tactics – great, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge here.

If you’re a blogger or individual curious about personal growth – fantastic – you’ll find practical and actionable articles to help kickstart and accelerate any goals and passions.

If you’ve made it this far, I sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn about my story.

Welcome aboard, my fellow traveler. Your journey starts here. Thank you for choosing to embark on it with me.

P.S. I have been working remotely for the last few years, but not quite the “laptop-on-a-beach” type. More into solid workstations. Curious about yours? Here’s a peek at mine. 😂

How do you work from home? 🖥️